The OGeeZ -

StevieG is the driving force behind The OGeeZ. He has been a musician since he was 14 years old. His first guitar was an acoustic Sears Silvertone guitar he bugged his dad for weeks to buy for him. Steve dutifully went to Mel Bay’s music store in Florissant, Missouri. StevieG played in a number of cover bands through his teens and early twenties in the Saint Louis area before moving to California in 1977. StevieG lives in the sunny Southern California San Diego area.

In 2007 StevieG began learning the world of Desktop Music Production and attended the Berklee School of Music Online in 2008. he leveraged his experience working with computers with the training he received from Berklee and built his first recording studio in late 2008.

Lew ‘Kanaka’ Witter is the vocalist and front-man for The OGeeZ. Lew grew up in San Francisco after arriving from Hawaii at the age of five. At a young age, Lew was introduced to a diverse collection of musical genres by his mother. He remembers listening to Hawaiian music, pop standards, rhythm and blues, classical, semi-classical, Broadway musicals and country and western.

Lew’s mother was – in Lew’s words “an amazing singer and a dynamite hula dancer. Lew’s father was also a lover of music and although he did not sing or play an instrument he did appreciate all types of music, particularly jazz, boogie-woogie, and the standards.

This background had a significant influence on Lew’s varied musical tastes and is reflected in his work over the years. Lew sang lead, baritone and second tenor in ‘Doo Wop’ groups in his teens and early twenties. He was part of the duo ‘Denny and Lenny’ and cut his first record “Ghoul Love” in the sixties. After a long hiatus, Lew is back on the musical track thanks to his pal Steve Gerick. Over the years neither Lew nor Steve realized that either had musical ‘chops’ since they rarely discussed it. It wasn’t until Steve mentioned he played ‘some guitar’ and Lew said “Hey, I sing a little” that The OGeeZ was born.