Grit Searches For Answers

On my way back to my office, I decided to stop off at the morgue. I mean, I haven't seen the body. What if it's a case of mistaken identity? I need to see for myself before I start snooping around to see if I can possibly find the killer of someone who may or may not be dead.  

Well, he was dead alright! I mean, I could think of a thousand things I'd rather do than to look at a bloated, discolored corpse. It was the Chief sure as shit…unless he has an identical twin. Wouldn't that be a pisser? Now that his death was confirmed, I had to think of my next move.  

First: Who killed him?  

Second: What the hell was he doing dressed in women's clothing? I was still trying to wrap my head around that one.  

Third: Was he a bonafide cross-dresser? 


Fourth: Did one or more of his many enemies kill him and then dress him up that way and dump his ass in the bay? This was definitely a possibility. Is there a better way to embarrass the prick that made your life miserable? 

I decided to try to get into the Chief's house and see if I could find anything such as photographs, videos, fingerprints, etc. that might expose his secret life. I had to get over to his place before the cops got there. 

The Chief lived near the famous Coit Tower. His house sat on the side of a cliff with amazing views of the bay, as well as Alcatraz, Angel Island, and both the Golden Gate and the Bay Bridges. Whenever I looked at Coit Tower, I was reminded of what Alfred Hitchcock quipped when filming Vertigo with James Stewart and Kim Novak. There was a camera angle through an apartment window with the Tower in the distance. Hitch was asked if he wanted the Tower in the shot, and he said…"Yes, leave it in. It is a definite phallic symbol!" 

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