Momma Blue Drops a Bomb on Grit

What Momma Blue shared with me was so explosive that if any hint of the Chief’s cross-dressing activity got out to the media, the City would’ve been rocked to its muddy foundations.  “Now what I’m tellin’ you is in the strictest confidence. Do you understand, Mr. Sam?”  Her eyes were coal-black and the iciest I had ever seen.  Oh, I understood all right!  She had some of the toughest and meanest bastards in her employ. I knew better than to cross her - not that I would anyway, I needed her on my side. She obviously had a soft spot for the Chief. Her eyes were moist with tears as she spoke of him. “I’m tellin’ you all this, Mr. Sam, cause I need you to find out who killed my man!” 

“He was my lover, Mr. Grit,” she said sniffling.  This absolutely floored me. She went on to tell me that the Chief had told her he had many enemies - mostly of the political ilk!  “Were there any within the Department that knew of his cross-dressing activities,” I asked? Momma Blue said there was one other person in the Department that was into the same thing. “Did he ever disclose to you who it was?” I asked. “All he said was that he was a well-known detective”, she replied. “The Chief told me he thought his wife could’ve been telling people…even some in the Police Department. She was a drunk, and he worried about that. I was extremely concerned for him, Mr. Sam”  she said sobbing.   

As I drove away from the Gardenia Club, my head was spinning. It was way more than I had anticipated. Momma Blue told me that the Chief’s public attitude toward gays was all a sham. He used it to appeal to a large segment of ‘homophobe’ voters in the City. This struck me as ironic since San Francisco had one of the largest gay communities in the country. Geezus Christ, I thought, I really had my work cut out for me. There was any number of people who wanted the Chief dead! Where to start?

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