On their new album “Feelings,” The OGeeZ branch out from roots in rock and blues for this collection of smooth romantic R&B. Guitarist-composer Steve Gerick has produced a lush atmosphere of percussion, strings, horns, guitar and keyboards around singer and lyricist Lew Witter’s tales of love and amorous intrigue. Gerick, whose guitar role models range from Jimi Hendrix to Eric Johnson, Larry Carlton, and his personal hero Wes Montgomery, is a gifted musician, composer and arranger who put his studio chops to good use in creating this intricate and appealing music. Witter’s lyrics speak to the ups and downs of romance, with nostalgic traces of lost love. His vocals, mellow as vintage bourbon, are reminiscent of work by contemporary singers such as Grammy-winner Gregory Porter, whose music explores similar territory. “Feelings” is the fifth album by this California-based duo and should appeal to lovers of R&B, smooth jazz, and mellow varieties of jazz.”

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The OGeeZ are a talented twosome from California consisting of guitarist-composer Steve Gerick and lead singer and lyricist Lew Witter. Presently working in the San Francisco Bay Area, this studio act writes and records a healthy combination of songs in the genres of rock, pop and R&B. Their original work is the product of their desire to produce what they call “a counter-culture sound” that demonstrates their “desire to avoid the status quo” in the music industry as well as their diverse backgrounds.” — William Phoenix, The Examiner ”
“Wow. This song is so well put together. Why cant my ears be bored of this song? How long will it take for me to get bored of this song? When will this song get old? How good can vocals get? THIS GOOD! Nothing is better than this. This song is so well put together it is amazing and incredible at the same time! I love the added Spanish!!” ”
“There are some cool media and audio clips sliced into this pretty impressive mixed-genre track. There's some funk going on, some blues, a bit of rap, a touch of soul, and a lot of skill and talent. I haven't heard anything this innovative in quite some time, and I'm incredibly impressed by it. I definitely want - and need - to hear more from this artistt! 10 ””
“Pleasing, delightful melodies produce a truly creative intro to this song. The musical accompaniment is a rich, varied tapestry of different musical themes that generate drama and excitement. The artist gives a raw, powerful vocal performance that sounds quite distinctive. The lyrics carry intelligent, deep meaning throughout. Overall, this is punchy, powerful song that delivers a message.” ”

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