Grit Talks to his Ex.

As I was leaving, Emma held the phone toward me, “It’s your ex,” she whispered, while holding her hand over the receiver. With a demonstrative eye roll, I took the phone from Emma. “Don’t give me that eye roll Sam,” said the ex. “How the hell did you know I was rolling my eyes!” I asked incredulously. “I was married to you for thirty years! That’s how,” she said, in her usual boring-sounding monotone voice. Being bored was her personality, her nature, her modus operandi. No matter how I tried. No matter where we went, or what we did, what most people would find exciting - she was bored. She claimed it was my drinking that ruined our marriage. I’ll admit the drinking didn’t help. Wait! Let me rephrase that. It did help. It helped me!

“What do you want, Candy?” Candy? I should’ve given that one a little more thought. I was often drunk, so that’s the reason I’m giving for marrying a broad named Candy.  “I need a little more money,” she said. “I just sent you most of what I had left in my bank account,” I said, visibly annoyed. “Jobs have been few and zilch to come by. I’m on a case right now and should be coming into some cash soon,” I said, hopefully. “Well, Rocky wants to go skiing with her boyfriend next week, and I just don’t have the money,” she said, sounding just a bit whiny. Rocky? Can you believe we named our daughter Rocky? We must’ve both been drunk when that happened. We both loved the movie Rocky when it came out. We were both well into the bag during that period of our lives, but she was able to quit. I always envied her for that, and it was still a source of irritation. 

“Let her boyfriend pay for the trip. Isn’t that the reason why you wanted her to go to Stanford to meet someone from a wealthy family?” “He is paying,” said Candy, ignoring Sam’s comment, but she still needs spending money,” noticeably whining now. “OK, OK, I’ll take care of it,” I said. “Be sure and tell Rocky to call first OK,” I said and hung up just as she was starting to babble about something else. I should’ve told Emma to say I wasn’t in like I normally do when the ex. calls, but what the hell - I’ll get to see my girl. I hadn’t seen her for some time for a number of reasons I won’t go into. 

I was looking forward to seeing the Mayor and seeing what info he was talking about. (To be contd)

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