Lee Campbell 

I was pretty fuckin’ relieved when a limo half a block long pulled up alongside the Karmann-Ghia. Mr. Marco exited my car and got into the limo and disappeared. I sat there for some time, just staring at all the sailboats and other watercraft sailing and zipping around the frigid waters of the San Francisco bay. I exhaled as though I had been holding my breath for some time. Maybe I was.  It had been a tense situation, no doubt. Although, it seemed as if I was finally getting somewhere…that is…if what Marco told me was legitimate. I had to get together with my pal, the D.A. It wasn’t going to be easy cutting Anzini some slack. His charges were pretty fucking serious. The impression I got from my old school chum, Lee Campbell, was that he had shown a great interest in the whereabouts of the photographs. Now with the film, well, that just might be the key to making things happen for Mr. Anzini. As D.A., he had the power to cut Anzini some slack with sentencing, but not before a trial, and of course, all the ensuing elements surrounding the trial. All the dancing around with deal-making, politics, and just general bullshit. 

Obviously, it would not go over well with the police with any kind of deal-making since Lee was already on their ‘shitlist.’ But Campbell was a tough bastard. He always was. In school, he fought almost every day. Lee loved to play sports, and he was good at it. He also liked to argue, and he was good at that too. He knew all the rules of every sport he played and sports he didn’t play, which he readily applied to any infraction or seeming infraction. He wasn’t that big - standing at about 5’ 9” and weighed somewhere in the vicinity of 160 lbs. Being on the wrestling team and studying the Japanese martial of Aikido after school enabled him to nullify the height or weight advantage of anyone who had the misfortune of challenging him.  

After a while, his skills had established his reputation, and no one messed with him. His arguing skills ‘stood him in good stead’ when he attended Cal Berkley Law School and thereafter. As a defense attorney, he handled some prominent cases in the city. His victories immediately placed him on the ‘cross-hairs of the San Francisco Police Department. Then he became Assistant District Attorney for three years before he decided to run for City District Attorney. I campaigned for him, of course, and was not surprised when he won in a landslide. He was a popular guy with everyone except the police. His liberal politics did not mesh well with the conservative bent of the city’s police department, which didn’t need any more reason to despise him. He couldn’t give a shit. A really interesting fact is that many within the police department, including me, attended Sacred Heart High School. Some of the guys on the force had gotten their asses kicked by Lee. So, the chasm between the District Attorney’s Office and San Francisco Police Department was ‘deep and wide.’ 

To be continued…

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