Nikki Finds A Notebook

SAM! COME IN HERE! I made my way into the master stateroom where Nikki had been searching. I hadn’t found shit searching the rest of the boat.  Entering through the small doorway, I saw Nikki standing in the middle of the room holding what looked like a red, leather-covered notebook of some sort.  “Look at all the goddamned names in here, Sam!” she shouted. “Not only are there names in here but descriptions of what each apparently prefers in their sexual pleasures!” She handed me the notebook, and I began looking it over when I heard the unmistakable sound of a pager going off. I started searching frantically for the source. It was Nikki’s phone.

“Ah, shit! I gotta go, Sam. Macias called. Looks like the goddamned gangs of the Bayview district are at it again!” She tried to grab the notebook from my hands. “Hey, hey, what’re you doing?” I said, holding the notebook away from her. “Oh, Sam…you WILL let me know if you find anything,” she said, scurrying up and out of the boat. I thought to myself. “Bullshit!” I mean, what the fuck was she doing here anyway? I thought she just wanted to see me and maybe engage in some ‘knees and elbows,’ but it was apparent she was trying to ‘horn in’ on my investigation. 

I began to realize that she was a conniving bitch and was ‘playing’ me to ‘crack’ the Chief’s murder by using me to aid and abet her own investigation. Although realizing that the gumshoes in Homicide were now fully invested in the Chief’s murder, I still felt it was my fucking case. I definitely wanted to solve it before SFPD did. I was surprised Nikki didn’t put up more of a fight for the notebook. There were at least thirty names on two pages. For the life of me, I didn’t recognize one fucking name. I wondered if the names were aliases, but I thought, that’s whole lotta names to come up with.  Was this a sex-club members list where there were orgies and shit? I mean, there were definite signs that could very well be possible.

If Maggie O’Halloran engaged in ‘three-ways,’ it wasn’t that far-fetched that she and maybe even the Chief participated in orgies. I wondered if my imagination was getting away from me. Did Nikki know more about this shit than she was letting on?  I began to look at the notebook more closely and at the names and what each person’s apparent sexual desires were, and then - there it was on page two. Adjacent to at least ten of these names was written in red ink, “Enjoys multiple partner’s and group sex.” Group sex? That’s the same as an orgy in my book. Maybe the word ‘orgy’ has an unacceptable connotation for some. I had to smile. 

I imagined one of these freaks shouting, “All right, who’s up for group-sex!?” Instead of “Ok, people, listen up! It’s orgy time!” I had to chuckle at that as I imagined individual couples engaged in whatever they were engaged in, dangling body parts and shouting…Orgy! Orgy! Orgy! I wondered if the missing photographs were of just this type of activity. Then, as I studied the notebook, I found what looked like some kind of code on the very last page. It read, “8mm SDB.” To me, 8mm could very well mean eight-millimeter film. Whoa! There’s FILM? And what does the SDB stand for? 

To be continued…

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