Sam Gets A Ride To The Hospital

From Chief O’Halloran’s house, I was transported by ambulance to SF. General Hospital. I kept trying to fall asleep in the ambulance, but the EMT’s wouldn’t let me. “Protocol,” they said. I was treated for a  concussion and a possible fractured skull, but ex-ray results disproved the fractured skull. My ex. said later she was surprised they found a brain in there. I wanted to tell her to “fuck off,”’ but held my tongue. 
My daughter, Rocky, and Emma came to the hospital that night to check on me. After they left, I could not get the sight of Vince Battaglia lying there in a pool of blood just feet away from me out of my mind. Evidently, I was in a near coma because I didn’t hear shit. What the hell was he doing there? And who in the hell clobbered me? Was it Vince? Was it the person who killed him? I had this really burning question as if those others were not enough. Did I see a small safe with its door open and papers scattered about as they carted me out of there? I needed to call Mark Macias and find out! 
I didn’t need to wait that long cause as I was lying there thinking about calling him, he walked into the room carrying a bouquet of flowers and a balloon. He always did have a great sense of humor. It’s what I remembered about him most other than being a great cop. “Just thought you might need a little cheering up,” he said, a huge grin plastered across his face. I cut to the chase. 
“Mark, did I see what I thought I saw as I was being carried out of the bedroom?” I asked. “What did you think you saw, Sam?” Macias replied. “A small safe with the door open and papers everywhere!” I exclaimed. “Yeah, there was a safe there,” Macias responded. “I was looking for that safe, Mark!”  “Yeah, well, apparently, so was someone else,” Macias replied somewhat sarcastically. “Must’ve been something pretty important in that sage, Sam. You got your head clobbered with who knows what, and Battaglia got a bullet in his,” said Macias. 
After Macias left, I just lay there, unable to sleep and trying to wrack my aching head to put the pieces of this maddening puzzle together. Besides Momma Blue, who else knew of the safe and of its contents?  Maggie O’Halloran probably knew. After all, she was his wife, but did she know the combination?  Evidently, someone knew besides Chief O’Halloran. Was Momma Blue lying that she didn’t know where the safe was? I realized the case was becoming more complex. I began wondering if I was up to the challenge. I had not had a case this involved in a long time. I was just about to fall asleep when D.A. Lee Campbell walked into my room. 
To be continued…

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