Signorina Belmonte

After leaving Mac’s Bar and Grill, I decided to drive to my houseboat instead of the office. I needed a shower. I must have perspired a gallon of sweat dealing with Marco. I stunk. I had hired a young college girl my daughter Rocky had recommended to watch my pug ladies during the day. She would watch them during the day and walk them and feed them for me, which was a huge help. I loved my little girls. Their loyalty was unmatched. None of my past women or friends, for that matter, were ever as happy to see me as my Pua and Rosie Lani were. Forgetting I had a young, and I might I add ‘gorgeous’ young woman on the premises, I immediately began disrobing as soon as I hit the door. “Hello, Mr. Grit.” Oh, fuck!  “Oh, hi, Megan!” I said, embarrassed while holding up my pants and trying to pick up my shirt, tie, and sports jacket from off the floor where I had flung them.  

Yeah, I know, I’m kind of a slob. My little girls were all over me. Megan came rushing over and tried to corral them, but those pudgy little bodies made it difficult for her. I managed to get into the bathroom, shutting the door behind me.  I couldn’t get into the shower fast enough. I stuck my head under the shower spray. The water was cold at first but felt amazing. I thought about the events of the day as the cold spray pounded the back of my neck. I had to admit it had been quite a day—definitely, one for the books.  I could swear that along with the stink of the body sweat residue, there was a hint of urine smell. That goddamned phone booth! I knew my clothes must be smelling the same. On the way to the office, I’ll drop off my clothes at the cleaners. It would give me the opportunity to get a gander at the owner’s wife.  

She was a beauty. At least twenty if not thirty years younger than her husband. After the owner’s first wife died, he traveled back to China. When he returned, he had the ‘China-Doll’ with him. She had long black hair down to her ass, and what an ass! She always wore those Chinese silk dresses, slit on the side, and, form-fitting, that showed off that impressive figure, as no other dress could! We had a little flirting action going, and I knew that it would be like Chinese New Year’s! I had to chuckle at that one.  I heard what sounded like knocking. The sound was muffled because of the shower, so I shut it off. I knew it wasn’t the pugs unless they had learned to go from scratching to actually… 

“Mr. Grit!” “Yes, Megan,” I answered. “There is a Miss Belmonte here to see you. Also, a detective Santos and your secretary called. They both said it was urgent and to call back right away!” What the fuck! This day obviously was not through with me yet. What next? 


To be continued…

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