The Deal

"Ok, let's hear this deal," I said.  "First, Rocco knows he not a go free," Marco said. That's a relief, I thought. That would put the 'deal' right into the shitter. There was no way this guy Rocco was going to walk away from his charges, scot-free! "Ok, now that we got that straight, let's hear what he is willing to deal for. I assume he's looking for as light a sentence as is possible, am I right?" Marco nodded that massive head of his in the affirmative. "Ok, let's get down to it. What's Mr. Rocco got up his sleeve?" I asked. "No sleeve, Mr. Greet. What dis sleeve you say?" "Ah… forget the sleeve. What does Rocco have to make a deal with the City D.A.?" "He has movie and photo pictures," said Marco. "Ok, by photo pictures, you mean" (I made small rectangular forms with my fingers). "Yes, photo pictures," he repeated. Ok, now my mind is racing around like a gerbil on speed. Is this the 8mm film and long-sought-after PHOTOGRAPHS? HOLY SHIT!!  

I tried to remain as cool and as calm as I could, but it was pretty fucking hard under the circumstances. I mean, does Rocco have the key to the safe deposit box, or does he have those items elsewhere? I had to ask the next logical question. "Alright now! Assuming that it's true that Rocco has these things or knows where they can be found, how was he able to communicate this information - since he's in jail?" "Phone conversations are monitored by the cops," I added. I could tell by Marco's expression that I lost him with the word' monitoring.' I made a gesture indicating as best I could - someone listening on headphones to everything said.  "Oh, yes, I understand," said Marco in a tone of voice that suggested he was irritated that his intelligence might be questioned.  

It is common for Americans to misjudge people whose English is second or even third to their original language as dumber than a box of rocks. I had to tread carefully in that regard. I didn't want this guy to reach over and snap my chicken neck like a dried twig. He didn't need that gun with me, and I knew it, and I'm sure he knew it! 

"Carmela talk to him in 'Sicilliani dialeck' - no cop capeesh!" Did he just say dialect? I know he said 'dialeck' with a k, but I did know what he meant. Also, who is Carmela? Because of our language difference, we had been forced into reading each other's expressions. "Carmela, Rocco's woman," he said, obviously reading my expression.


To be continued...

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