The Safe Deposit Box 

I called D.A. Campbell from my office thinking he was the one that might have some answers about gaining access to a safe-deposit box. When I mentioned the safe-deposit box, the excitement in the District Attorney’s voice tended to cement my nagging suspicion that he had a vested interest in Chief O’Halloran’s case. I mean, interest other than his position as the City’s District Attorney. Was there some relationship to the sexual activities that involved someone he knew personally? Could it involve a family member? A close friend? I really liked Campbell, and I hoped that my questions of possible involvement with someone he knew and loved would prove not to be true. 

“I’ll confer with Judge Gerick,” the D.A. said. Knowing Judge Gerick to be a federal judge, I said, “Could be it’s a city bank.” The D.A. chuckled. “Sam. All banks, as far as I know, are all federally insured, so they’re all under the jurisdiction of the Fed’s!” “Oh, yeah, I think I knew that!” I said, lying through my teeth. I felt like an idiot.  

My office phone began ringing. “Sam! Nikki Santos is on the phone!” “Ok, Emma, I got it.”  “Sam are you sitting down?” asked Nikki. “Yeah, why?” “Well, we may have the break we’ve been waiting for,” she said. “Oh yeah?” What, pray-tell is this break you’re alluding to?” I asked. “Well, a certain member of Vince Battaglia’s gang was arrested last night,” Nikki said. “Yeah, so?” I responded. “Get this! He’s willing to disclose some information regarding not only the Chief’s murder but some other important shit. At least that’s how he put it.” “What’s he arrested for?” I asked. “Murder,” said Nikki. “Yeah, he was caught with ten pounds of cocaine, some guns, and about a hundred grand in cash,” she added. 

I wondered why she was sharing all this information with me. I mean, she was kind of annoying, and I questioned her motives. Still, she’s a good-looking broad, and I enjoyed being around her. However, I didn’t want to share too much with her regarding my thoughts about what I found in the red notebook. She was, as far as I was concerned, on the ‘other’ team. As far as I knew, the cops wanted to keep the Chief’s murder investigation and everything related to it ‘in-house.’ 

I heard rumblings that any involvement I had with the case was not appreciated at all. In fact, I had some suspicions that the threat I had received not long ago was not from a member of Battaglia’s mob but possibly from someone in the department. I now suspicioned that Nikki had, from the very beginning, been playing me to find out what I knew. All the while pretending she was working alongside me in the spirit of "helping each other out."

“What do you know about a safe-deposit box belonging to the O’Halloran’s?” Nikki asked.  That question knocked me for a loop. What the fuck! I knew the D.A. didn’t share that info with the cops - not with the apparent dislike they had for each other. Whoever the D.A. told about the safe-deposit box must have leaked that information to either the cops or someone else. “Where did you hear about that?” I asked. “So, you do know about it?” she responded. “I didn’t say that. I’m just responding to your question,” I said, highly pissed off, which she picked up on right away.

She started to speak, and I just cut her off. “Listen, I gotta go. I’ll talk to you later,” I said. I hung up the phone just as she was trying to say something else. I was fucking pissed. To me, Nikki’s question confirmed what the letters SDB in the red notebook really meant. A sense of urgency compelled me to get my hands on that safe-deposit box before the cops did. I needed to call the City District Attorney! 

To be continued…

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